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UC Browser is the best and free mobile browser. It is an alternative to many Internet browsers one can find for Android. It’s interface is quite simple, still this is more than enough to enjoy surfing the web.

Some of the main features included are the gesture controls that you can use to perform different actions, the ability to search via voice commands.

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Besides this, UC Browser offers a night mode so that you can browse even without much light and without straining your eyes, something that happens often when you browse too much once in bed. Besides all this, there is a special complement for Facebook that lets you move around the popular social network in a fast and easy way.

Another interesting feature included in UC Browser is the incognito mode. Thanks to this browsing mode, which is similar to Chrome’s incognito function, you can surf the internet without leaving any trial.

UC Browser is a powerful Browser and has a descent set of features, but it doesn’t surpass the best browsers for android, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Dolphin Browser. The latest updates, nevertheless, make it a great alternative.

Even though one of the biggest disadvantages that stops people from choosing it over the other one’s of similar kind is that this browser only allows 10 tabs open at a time as per a research, it is therefore very much useless according to many. One more deficit of this app is that it also doesn’t allow you to search for terms in the history, so one can neither delete pages they are done with from the history nor look to find important information that he has previously read.

To overcome all these barriers the updating panel of UC Browser has recently launched UC Browser latest version making it a free low powered web browser for PCs and Android mobiles.

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